M/M Fantasy Romance


I’m a bit of an odd fish in that I'm not a fan of big social media platforms – I've long since deleted my Twitter and Instagram accounts, and I don’t particularly enjoy the feeling of maintaining an online presence in terms of most things non-book related. What can I say, I’m becoming something of a digital minimalist (as well as an in-training physical one). Who knows, maybe I’ll be able to work my way up to deleting Facebook one of these days.

That said, I can still be found in a variety of places online, so feel free to friend/follow me anywhere you like. More often than not, I’m likely to friend/follow right back. I promise, I’m not unfriendly, just a bit shy! Plus, I actually love it when people message or tag me out of the blue, so please don’t hesitate to do so if the mood happens to strike.

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